Client Testimonials

Buyer Testimonials

   “Very rarely do you find professionals who are as prepared as Tonia Felczer. I met Tonia 18 months ago while looking at houses even though I was not in the market to buy at that time. I can honestly say that there was not an ounce of pressure to decide before I was ready to get in the market. Receiving daily e-mail updates was invaluble to me and once I was ready to buy, Tonia was alway prepared to visit as many homes of interest to me. From beginning to contract closing, Tonia was my best advocate and I can say without hesitation that she represented me in an exemplary manner. I was very impressed with her professional and easy going manner but she was extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone who needs expert representation. She is very thorough, which speak to her vast experience, but the most important part was the confidence I had in her ability to act on my behalf. Tonia is a true professsional and I cannot recommend her highly enough. ”
      -H. Castro, Plano, TX

   "As a former Realtor licensed in California I feel that I am very qualified to rate Tonia Felczer. She is truly a breath of fresh air among her peers in the Real Estate Profession. She gives one the impression that you are a dear friend for whom she is going out of her way to please. However, she is always listening to what her client is saying to pin point and isolate requirements that exactly fit the clients needs. She is a true professional who is prompt for her appointments and takes the time to be certain that the home being viewed is priced correctly for the market. She doesn't hesitate to point out deficiencies that may even cost her an immediate sale because she is concerned that her buyer receives fair value for their sale or purchase. I would be the first to recommend that a buyer or seller utilize her services. She tirelessly does her homework to make the chore of buying or selling a home easy for her client. She is a true Professional.”
      -H. Bajadali, Garland, TX

   "My husband and I moved to Texas in January from Virginia. We were a long way from home and familiar with nothing in the area. I found Tonia through an online search while looking for homes in the area. Tonia met with us in December before our move and us many homes. At no time did she pressure us to buy she was patient with us looking becuase she knew we did not know the area. We decided to stay in a corporate apartment until July so we could feel out the area after the move. Tonia was ready to get back on the job to find our perfect home the minute I called her. It was as if she were part of our family. She found us numerous listings that were perfect. She was ready to go look at anytime. If she felt the house was not for us after we had a visit to it she let me know, that is as honest as it gets! She sold us our perfect home last month! It was her goal for it to be up to par upon moving in and she worked around the clock for those results. She's the best!
      -A. Adams, McKinney, TX

    "Tonia is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable realtors I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Looking for a house with her was an enjoyment, instead of the dreary, brow beating experience that I have had in the past. She is always very professional and exhibits a willingness to fulfill her obligation to her clients that far exceeds anything I have seen before in other realtors. I have, and will again, refer clients to her in the future.”
      -D. Rickey, Plano, TX

   “I would just like to say how wonderful it is to work with someone who is so passionate about truly representing their clients' best interest. I feel so lucky to have been introduced to you. Each transaction that we have closed together has been flawless and smooth no matter the challenge that came our way. You are a true professional and I trust you implicitly with the referral of my clients. Your clients thoughts of you post closing are so exceptional and speak for themselves. It is truly a joy to work with you!”
       -N. Hawley, Frisco, TX

   “My house hunt took a bit of time, including 2 other offers, but Tonia never wavered and stuck it out with me. I am now in a home that I LOVE! and wouldn't be without Tonia's connections, knowledge, and guidance. I had also just relocated and she was helpful in guiding me to what I was looking for not knowing the area."
      -M. Thompson, Plano, TX

   "Tonia, thank you so much for getting us into a perfect home!"
      -Bob Greene, Channel 8 News, WFAA

   “Tonia has been extremely helpful in not only helping me located my current residence, but also keeping my rental property leased. There's not too many realtors I've met that will work as hard as she will.”
      -J. and M. Card, Wylie, TX

Seller Testimonials

   “Tonia has delivered exceptional customer service. Providing requested information in less than 2 hours. Tonia was the buyers agent for my home. (When selling my home) my agent was not very helpful throughout the process and I worked with Tonia more than I did my own agent. She was a great resource and always answered my questions. I still work with Tonia to obtain comps in the neighborhood for tax purposes, call her with questions and we still stay in contact. My experience with her is always positive and she has a great attitude toward her business. It speaks volumes when I have not paid her a dime and she always helps me at any request I make of her. I hope someday I can repay her for everything she has done for me. Highly recommend her as an agent.”
      -C. Hlad, Little Elm, TX

   “Deciding to sell our house and move out of state with 3 young children was not a simple or carefree decision. We had lived in Plano for 11 years and we made that house our home. Tonia's expertise and care shines in her character. She organized and guided us through the entire process making it as painless and stress-free as it could be. I believe she really cares about her client's well-being and goes beyond 100% effort. Our house sold within 8 days-we couldn't have done it without Tonia! She is incredibly capable, efficient, knowledgeable, and concerned. She is happy and fun to be around and she is smart. I would recommend her as an agent to anyone searching for an honest and positive real estate experience!”
       -C. Burcham, from Plano, TX to Oregon

    "It would be impossible to describe Tonia's work and work ethic in less than 1000 words. She has TOTALLY been there for me and solved numerous obstacles with creativity and determination. I will HIGHLY recommend her to everyone I meet in personal and professional circles.”
      -A. Talada, Allen, TX

   "You could not ask for a better Realtor than Tonia Felczer in our opinion. When we listed our home with her, the first home we ever sold, we were in the dark about listing prices and values for our area as comps varied drastically. Her knowledge of the local market resulted in us getting more than we expected out of our home. Additionally, she looked out for us during the whole process…all the way through to our out of state closing. Top notch professional and as far as client service goes, excellent!"
      -T. Fox, Plano, TX   

   "Tonia is a jewel. If you are purchasing a home or ready to sell your own home, Tonia is the go-to real estate expert in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She knows her stuff and is well connected in the industry to help the process go smooth and fast. Hire her to represent you, then sit back and watch her go to work. We've used Tonia to sell two homes and to purchase another home....will definitely use Tonia again!"
      -F. Ramirez, The Colony, TX



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