Property Management

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Tonia Felczer Top Dog Real Estate & Management, LLC will oversee the daily operations of your real estate assets and deal with any questions or concerns that you or your tenants may have. We run a turn-key service as follows:

  1. Oversee home repairs to ensure the home is in top rentable condition.

  2. Manage home remodel/upgrades to Landlord’s specifications.

  3. Ensure that the home is within Texas Property Code requirements.

  4. Give perspective tenants the Criteria for Rent, as required by state law.

  5. Manage the cleaning of the home.

  6. We evaluate top-notch clientele for home rentals. We run credit, eviction searches, and criminal records of prospective tenants.

  7. Write the lease and do all the required paperwork.

  8. Video and/or take photos of your investment before and after tenants.

  9. Inspect the home periodically while the tenants reside.

  10. Collect timely rents.

  11. Require tenants and landlords to carry acceptable insurance policies and verify the policy information yearly.

  12. In exceedingly rare instances, represent the landlord in tenant eviction proceedings and court appearances for non-payment of rents or unacceptable activity.

Why You Need a Property Management Company?

  1. You are not near your asset. You are located out of state or out of the country.

  2. No headaches! Our Property Management Company frees your time to allow personal time with your family and allows you to do the things you enjoy.

  3. No late calls, no holiday calls, no calls when you least expect them from your tenants.

  4. Multiple properties are difficult to handle.

  5. No dealing with tenants or maintenance crew and making sure the issues have been resolved.

  6. Peace of Mind for Landlord due to professional services.

  7. Landlords’ contact information is held anonymous.

  8. We know how to handle pets, certain breeds and Medical/Emotional Support Animals.

  9. Our Company is run by a Real Estate Broker, as required by law.

NOTE: Tonia Felczer Top Dog Real Estate & Management, LLC has the right to refuse the property management of any home.